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Saturday, October 28, 2006

to love, heart's desire

to live, to love, to learn
i love him.
i live him.
i learn him.
i use him.
i want him,
just so bad.

he lives me.
he loves me.
he learns me well.

i kissed him,
he, me back.

but i don't remember his name.
i remember his face...
and only this part.
i remember his kiss,
for he treated me well.

to live, futile pain


this sad nation,

loves tale,
stands untold,

the truth is dangerous,
now let it unfold,

never look back,
unto your dark past,

the time has come
... at last

join me, hear me out,
feel my guilt, my sorrow


kiss me if you can
my sweet insanity
knowing how far you ran
hearing my final plea

he touches my lips
with his own two
my heart's ellipse
caused by his kiss too true

blood rush
hushed lips kiss
he did brush
hands into bliss

new years revolution
to find true love
this is my soloution
liberty and the dove

Drak Faerie

i thought that i had lost...
lost my love, my heart, my soul.
it turns out, that i lost myself
in the void, the dull and empty void of my skin.
no more will i seem that way to him,
but it always will, and never shall,
be, again, the same.
faerie sin, an unforgivable truth,
to which i base my elvin heritage,
so far i've dissappeared,
never to return, to my former self,
my faerie self, i lost my wings,
therefore i lost my religion, and
gained my deadly sins in turn.
the fear i struck into my lover's heart,
i felt inside of my own.
but no more, i rationalized,
would i live to hurt another,
but, no, my destiny has been decided.
i am to be a dark faerie,
the most legendary one at that,
my name is Fiore`,
i am the dark faerie
i am darkness,
eternal darkness,
final prayers, set aside,
until i die, revenge will be mine.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ole Hallow's Eve

let the fear flow
let yourself enjoy it
Ole Hallow's Eve
draws nigh
fearful eyes
draw them close
the ghosts and ghouls
i love them so much
how will they scare me
when they are a part of my life
when do we sing
when we see ourselves
in the magick mirrors
of the haunted house
fear me please
fear my love for them
fear my eyes
my eyes of no fear
as they haunt your heart
for my love draws close
and my heart is my own
so please see my side
Ole Hallow's Eve
my heart's calling
and fears unseen
as the Witches and Deadlifes call for me
love my soul
love my fear
love my life
love Halloween


Final Fear (Kingdom Hearts Version)

when will we be ourselves again
when the fear fades
and our hearts return
from the darkness
as fear recedes
our dangerous future is revealed
for why we sing,
you understand
is for those thirteen,
and when challenged by their otherselves,
they fought frivously.
but the light they found
drowned their fear
and their happiness came at last
it was their
final fear

A Winter's Night

mourning in the winters chill air
the crows sing a sad song of loss
mourning the death of thier love
the lady of the night
as she stood, waiting
ever lost to no one
as she waited for him
ever did she wait
holding still her heart
the night freezing her lungs
holding on to his invitation
the only thing he ever gave her
awake she was until she died
her knees quivering froim the cold
awake she was through the night
her love for him unbounded
night happened to be
the big enemy
night, to her, posed no fear
snow surrounding her
wind blowing forever
snow, pure white
wind-swept up the drifters
sadly the crows cry
cry for their ally
sadly fades away
cry for her tonight
the lady of the night
the winter's only victim

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

this is my poetry blog

sorry if my poetry is depressing..... i really cant help it too much....