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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Winter's Night

mourning in the winters chill air
the crows sing a sad song of loss
mourning the death of thier love
the lady of the night
as she stood, waiting
ever lost to no one
as she waited for him
ever did she wait
holding still her heart
the night freezing her lungs
holding on to his invitation
the only thing he ever gave her
awake she was until she died
her knees quivering froim the cold
awake she was through the night
her love for him unbounded
night happened to be
the big enemy
night, to her, posed no fear
snow surrounding her
wind blowing forever
snow, pure white
wind-swept up the drifters
sadly the crows cry
cry for their ally
sadly fades away
cry for her tonight
the lady of the night
the winter's only victim


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