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Sunday, March 04, 2007

broken, and in hell

i am rena, martyr of the gods
love me, hate me
i dont care
i am myself, and thats all that matters
Hold me, Chris, before i fall
love me before i die
love me before i wont let you into my heart
or else youll end up like 'he' did
afraid, and alone
wait for me
for i will not wait until you cry out to me
i am the darkness
i am no longer
what i used to be
love me, hate me
i dont care
catch me
what darkness do you speak of?
the hell of a dead heart?
nothing like that
a darkness that is more than hell
more than that of a dead heart
one of not knowing
the one where you dont even know your own name
thats my hell
love me there
that is where my heart lies
forever dead
but you can save me
just call my name, anytime, anyplace
and ill come
ill come to you
from the darkness
love me forever more
i am only myself
hold me like i am feathers
for i am too heavy
heavier than life's burdens
kill me if you will
i will come back though
this is my darkness
you are my poison
the decison that i face
which way to turn
shall i go straight, or turn to the right?
please help me decide
for you are the only one
the only one who can heal my darkness
i love you
never forget that
i love you
never forget that
I love only you
please dont forget that
hold me, dearest, before i fall
hold me tightly, before i die
dont leave me.
You are the only one who really cared
dont leave me
dont leave me