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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sit Idly By

dont you call me naieve
my heart wont lie to me
yet your heart lies to you
and lets you stay unaware
of those feelings locked inside
the fragile heart of you
and my heart screams in pain
as you sit idly by
and i miss your warmth
that you never had
that you never let me feel
i will never get the chance
to hold you in my arms
you never wanted to share
yourself with anyone
but my heart will not give up
my mind will not give in
i will keep shaking the tree to make the dew drops fall
because love is forever
love is forever and all
why do you dislike
the one might love you
when all reasons are pathetic
and love will prevail
secrets will be revealed
so don't you call me naieve
for my heart is so dear
a heart is a flower
and love is the pollen


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