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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Clueless Heart

touching my dry skin
like mid-summer rain
your smile is bright
and yet you set me on fire
burning my lips
like the salt from the sea
your happiness is annoying
when we see our future
the future of our pathetic selces
but yet you hold me close
not in reality
never in the flesh
will you touch me
nevertheless hold me
but you slightly notice me
why do you see me with your ever-closed eyes?
my clueless heart
sees them as open
and makes my heart race
but i can't get near you
your heart is closed to me
why can't you see me?
when i cry out your name
and your heart says no
why do you avoid me
when the heart must decide
and in my mind
you touch my dry skin
like mid-summer rain


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