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Friday, November 03, 2006


In Japanese:
どの位まで私の最終的な嘆願の聴取を動かしたか知っていたら私の甘い精神異常できたら私に接吻しなさい彼は彼の接吻によって引き起こされる彼自身の2 つの私の中心の長円の私の唇に触れる余りにも本当の血の突進がこれによってが私のsoloution の自由および鳩である本当愛を見つけるには彼が至福の新年の回転に手にブラシをかけた唇の接吻をhushed

When it moves listening my final suit to some rank and has known high when the insanity where I am sweet it is possible, kisses to me he touches my lip of his himself two my central ellipses which are pulled up by that kiss, even excessively rush of the true blood, with this to find the truth love which is the freedom and the pigeon of my soloution, kiss of the lip where he used the brush on the hand in revolution of New Year of happiness hushed


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