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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Drak Faerie

i thought that i had lost...
lost my love, my heart, my soul.
it turns out, that i lost myself
in the void, the dull and empty void of my skin.
no more will i seem that way to him,
but it always will, and never shall,
be, again, the same.
faerie sin, an unforgivable truth,
to which i base my elvin heritage,
so far i've dissappeared,
never to return, to my former self,
my faerie self, i lost my wings,
therefore i lost my religion, and
gained my deadly sins in turn.
the fear i struck into my lover's heart,
i felt inside of my own.
but no more, i rationalized,
would i live to hurt another,
but, no, my destiny has been decided.
i am to be a dark faerie,
the most legendary one at that,
my name is Fiore`,
i am the dark faerie
i am darkness,
eternal darkness,
final prayers, set aside,
until i die, revenge will be mine.


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