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Friday, November 03, 2006

a winter's night

In Japanese:

Sighing with the air where the winter is cool, the crow sings and as she stands, in woman everyone of the night when it waits for the song where the loss which sighs the death of their love is sad being lost, way the night when it waits for her where she does him it waited, her center in that invitation her knee to her, with her who trembles from the fact that the cool eye you have awakened with the night being the enemy night where the unlimited night which is she is large the snow which her it loves raises for that it happens, being pure, of surrounding her wind which blows the wind-swept rising which is white heavyheartedly permanently the fear Until the snow the drifting person crow it did not die, just him being and giving her where her eye has awakened the scream of the scream for ally which has made her lung freeze which hangs on and still grasps atrophies her the only victim tonight of the woman winter of the night because of scream it leaves heavyheartedly


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