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Friday, November 03, 2006

to live futile pain

In English:
to live, futile pain
dissappearing,revelation,understanding,this sad nation,loves tale,stands untold,the truth is dangerous,now let it unfold,never look back,unto your dark past,the time has come... at last join me, hear me out,feel my guilt, my sorrow
In Japanese:
dissappearing 、役に立たない苦痛は最後にあなたの暗闇に理解、この悲しい国家、愛物語、明かでない立場真実危なくない、今許可したそれを開く、決して一見、を過ぎた、時間来た... 結合する私を、聞く私を、感じる私の有罪、私の悲哀を


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