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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Past Is Real

The Past is Real (Because) by Spork
Inspired by Papa Roach

Our scars remind us
That the past is real
I tear my heart open
Just to feel
And our scars
Show our past
Filled with war
Filled with regret
And our scarred hearts
Cried throughout the sad nights
Death is our acquaintance
Met with only too often
To be afraid of her
And her black cat of destiny
A painful sting in m side
Heartache lives evermore
We dwell in ourselves
Living every day
To our utmost limit
Wandering for hours
Ever day
Asking ourselves
“Will we be here again”
Because we lie to everyone
We are not from here
We came from somewhere
So far away
And I tear my heart open
Just to feel
The life and the love
That you falsify
And I can’t help it or deny
That my heart lies to me
And your soul breaks
Like glass in the rain
And my painful heartache
From saying goodbye
And life long courage
Breaks down over the years
Hearts break
As the land burns slowly
Through our slow death
Ever in the after
Our sins and the sinned
Crying for water
To quench our thirst
And it just won’t come
And our hearts fade
And we start to realize
That we are not ourselves
Until we really die
Both inside
And outside
The past is forever real
And you can’t go home.



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