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Sunday, December 31, 2006

my only sanctuary

the anger that surrounds me,
i fear it constantly...
fear stems from this anger,
growing larger,
and more insistant each moment it lasts...
fear of the anger has sent me to my solitude,
my sanctuary...
the only place i can think...
the darkness of my bedroom,
that comforting feeling of being alone...
all for nothing,
for when i emerge,
the anger strikes at me again,
with its vicious claws,
its bottomless pit of despair...
and i fear it even more...
i withdraw again to my only sanctuary
my sanctuary is not to last
i will have to leave it again
to dispell my thoughts and gain more fear
in order to learn,
one must take risks
one must face the impending darkness of this fear...
the fear of the anger
anger of you.
anger of myself...


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