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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gone With The Love

Love is natural
Love is not our decision
Who to love is destiny
And we cannot be forced
To love who we can't
Is a crime against nature
When we love one of our likeness
How dare they try to stop us
From loving who we love
And those from loving us
Love is not trivial
Like it was in the past
Love was a fairytale
It would never last
But to love from the heart
And sacrifice ourselves to love
Today it is at second priority
Ranked below work
Love should be first
On our list we have
Dissappearing so much lately
Are the revelations of late
As we try to understand
This sad nation of ours
A tale of love
Forever remains untold
To never look back on our dark past
the time has finally come... at last
So please, join me, hear me out
And will you feel my guilt and my sorrow


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